The HBO acclaimed series Insecure premiered it's 4th season with an opening line that shocked the fans:

"I don't f*ck with Molly anymore."

If you follow the show, then you know that Issa and Molly are best friends and have gone through loops of highs and lows, drama, sha...


As the part-time binge watcher that I am, I constantly stumble upon random TV shows. One show in particular that I found interesting is called #BlackLove on FYI network- I never heard of that network either until I came across this show. #BlackLove explores the lives o...


A little while ago I met a guy that seemed to have a lot of potential; he "checked all the boxes"- he was attractive, articulate, intelligent, charming, polite, socially conscious, etc. As time went on and research was conducted (through the help of social media) it wa...


Well, unfortunately I can’t answer this question; I do not have all the answers… (Sorry Sway) But the real question is…Why would you want to?

To begin, the word claim in this context is defined as follows:

Claim- (v) the act of associating your relationship with another...

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