The question that Facebook poses, every time we log in. 

Being the opinionated introvert that I naturally am, one can imagine the challenges that this presents for me; I have a constantly revolving opinion on everything, yet asserting my opinion often becomes challenging so it is easier to just suppress those thoughts. 


One day, something unusual happened…Instead of ignoring this question for the umpteenth time, I recently started to take Facebook up on that offer. I began to use my “voice” and honestly share what was on my mind about any and everything.


After answering Facebook’s question, for about a couple of months, I’ve decided that all of my opinionated, long winded, and verbose posts would be more suited in a blog style fashion…thus culminating this blog. This blog is a compilation of my experiences and opinions on various topics that I think require more conversation, elaboration, and exploration. 


So… Welcome to the unsaid, unheard, and unfiltered thoughts

as told by A a l i y a h. 

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