Can’t take credit for this pic stitch, or the caption that it came with: 


“They are both 17”


Let that sink in. This picture speaks volumes. Both Kylie Jenner and Malia Obama are GIRLS of the same age. Kylie, however, looks like a grown woman twice her age. I’ll be the first to admit to liking Kylie’s Instagram posts; including her hair, makeup, and outfits because honestly, they are BOMB. But let me remind you that I am 24. I am the appropriate, by most standards, age to appreciate and want the outfits, makeup and hair that she has. The men that like and are infatuated with Kylie and post her as their WCW [Women Crush Wednesday] are mostly around my age bracket or older (i.e. p̶e̶d̶o̶p̶h̶i̶l̶e̶ Tyga).The attention that Kylie receives is from adults and impressionable adolescents wanting to emulate her.


Kylie is not just a person; she is a concept, a standard, a prototype if you will, by today’s measures. 


Kylie is the 2015 17-year-old. Malia is the 2005 17-year-old. A 10 year difference, between two people the same age.

Now to be 17 years old, looking like a Kylie instead of a Malia, in today’s society is sad. It is sad, that at 17 years old today, you no longer posses your youth that used to be synonymous with that age. You are no longer innocent. From the attention that you crave and attract, to the persona that you live, the 2015 17-year-old is now considered a grown woman.

Now what happens to the Malia’s of today; the 2005 17 year old’s trying to live in a 2015 world? They are now ridiculed, belittled, surpassed and overlooked because of an impossible standard that no one can actually attain. They are compared to an idea rather than the reality of what it is to be 17 years old. The reality, which I need everyone to see and love, is that a Malia in 2015 is just a beautiful, fly, and appreciative, if not more, than a Kylie of 2015.

But when did a Kylie become the standard for young girls? 


Why aren’t there enough Malia’s? 


We need to get back to the fundamentals and expectations of what it is to be youth and adolescents. Look to the reality versus the expectations of young girls today.

The disturbing realization is that age no longer defines girls today, when we are forced to look at a side-by-side picture to remind us that Kylie is still a child and not a grown woman contrary to appearance.

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