Michael, Michael, Michael….

Let me preface this by stating that I have been a fan of Michael 'Bae' Jordan as I call him, for a long time now. My infatuation with him goes as far back to his character ‘Jamal’ in the movie Hardball (strike 1, caught you by surprise, strike 2, right before your eyes… if you didn’t immediately sing the theme song, I question your authenticity as a fellow 90's baby).


Michael seems to be playing a 3 strikes you’re out game of hardball with black women. And right now, he is OUT


Here is some of what has transpired over the last couple of weeks causing Michaels black female fans to raise some eyebrows: 



Let's start with the pictures that resurfaced of Micheal leaving the Met Gala from a couple of months ago with Kendall Jenner, alluding that the two of them are dating.

Twitter was an outright uproar of Michael’s upset black female fans feeling wronged due to his “choice” of female company. Now, I personally would rather see him associating with Kendall Jenner versus any of the other Kardashian/Jenner clan, but that isn’t the point. His fans were very upset and offended that he wasn’t dating a black woman.


Now, being the s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶e̶r̶ researcher that I am, I already peeped Micheal’s interest in the female persuasion. I noticed a while ago that Michael is never really seen with or photographed with a majority of Black females. If you google ‘Michael B Jordan girlfriend’ the only images that come up, are of him and his ex girlfriends, who are not black. The majority of the images on his social media accounts are not with black women other than his family members. So when the speculation that he was dating Kendall Jenner arose, it was not shocking to me at all, because from what I have gathered, she fits his type (she even resembles his exes).



When interviewed by Allure magazine and asked ‘What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear on a first date and the least sexy’ his response was as follows:


“I like a lot of styles, but bangs for whatever reason. And not a lot of makeup, but a subtle, natural lip tone and pretty, smooth skin. I don’t like a lot of makeup. I appreciate being able to run my hand through a girl’s hair and not catch anything. I like a foreign accent or a girl that speaks another language. Or wake up and not see that an eyelash is gone. It’s better to just take it off. You’re fine. You're beautiful.”


Not a bad answer, to each its own.


I have highlighted the parts in the answer that caused him some controversy.

From the black female perspective, my take away from that list of what he is attracted to screams any and everything not, in the traditional sense, black. Saying that you want to run your fingers through a girl’s hair and “not catch anything” we all know what that means….. (weave) and appreciating a foreign accent,  match up on a larger scale to general traits of a non black woman. And granted obviously there are a ton of black women that do not wear weave and come from an array of countries and speak foreign languages. I am not trying to box black women in the category of only wearing weaves and only speaking English, but in this context, I am referring to the general perceived message of his comments and the general population of his black women fans. And for those traits to be the first identifiable qualities that he finds appealing, means that those traits are the first things that he notices and presumably the first things that he looks for in a woman.



Michael was quoted from his interview with GQ Magazine as saying that he only wanted to go out for roles that were written for white actors. There was also talk that he took to his social media accounts to promote the ‘All Lives Matter’ movement as opposed to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Once again, to each it’s own. However it is being viewed as him disengaging himself from his race and further putting a barrier between himself and the Black community. And naturally, when you disengage from your race, who is the first to get the door closed in their face? The Black woman.


Given these 3 strikes, his black female fans have been forced to ask


Why Doesn’t Michael B Jordan like Black Girls?


But to be honest it is bigger than Michael. As I said in a prior blog about Kylie Jenner being a concept, so is Michael in this case. Michael represents the too familiar story of Black women simply being overlooked, unappreciated, and undervalued. It isn’t as cut and dry as this one celebrity doesn’t like black girls. Every individual has their own taste and should not be faulted for that. 


There is a much greater sense of disappointment, outrage, and hurt attached to the belief that these are Michael's preferences and decisions simply because he is the prototype of the perfect black man.


The bigger message is, “this is a high profile, fine, educated, intelligent, successful, articulate BLACK man who fits the epitome of perfection, but doesn’t like black women. This causes black women further introspection and confusion; how does this happen?

As a community, black women fight for the lives of the black man. We fight for the voices of the black man to be heard. We fight for the preservation of the black man, yet the black man doesn’t fight for us.


It takes a mainstream headline such as Michael B. Jordan leaving an event with a white girl, out of text interviews with a magazine, or false social media posts, to awaken the hidden insecurities that black women face.


In the end, the question “why doesn’t Michael B. Jordan like black girls” translates to


‘What is it that makes us so undesirable to the type that we desire most?

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