Well, unfortunately I can’t answer this question; I do not have all the answers… (Sorry Sway) But the real question is…Why would you want to?


To begin, the word claim in this context is defined as follows:


Claim- (v) the act of associating your relationship with another person


Now, let’s continue with the issue at hand. This topic came to my attention through noticing the trends in dating that I am consistently seeing that I can no longer ignore. Whether it’s Blac Chyna tattooing Future’s name on her HAND (girl…no) in attempts to claim him, all the while he says that he is single, or the many discussions that I am having with friends, coworkers, etc about personal experiences, it seems like there is a general but accepted misunderstanding or misuse of titles within relationships.


The most recent situation I witnessed was a woman literally celebrating, showcasing, and parading around with a guy using what I call claim language.


Claim language- (pro-noun) titles that further specify the nature of your relationship with another person


i.e. “Boyfriend”/“Girlfriend” + “Bae” + “Boo” + “My Man” “Homie” +“Lover” +“Friend”  


This woman is constantly seen around with him, goes on vacations with him, is romantically, emotionally, and physically invested with him, and professes her love for him all over her social media accounts [by today’s standards, if you are making it on the gram every #MCM for consecutive Monday’s, you are tagged in National Boyfriends Day, and there are anniversary, birthday, and Holiday celebration posts using claim language, that normally means you are...say it with me now… CLAIMED].

Now this of course wouldn’t be up for discussion if the guy she was claiming, claimed her in return. But as we know according to him, he is “single”.


This confuses me. Here we have a clearly defined (from my perspective) claim on a guy. It is not in secret, he is fully aware of your claiming of him; he sees the social media posts, he even “likes” and comments, further consenting to your claiming of him… yet he STILL doesn’t claim you. So my question is:


How can you claim someone who doesn’t claim you!?


There are so many r̶e̶l̶a̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶h̶i̶p̶s̶(I don’t even want to call them relationships) situationships where it’s mostly the women doing the claiming, and the men have a lackadaisical demeanor about it. Is this a generational thing? Is that normal to use claiming language, but they do not claim you back? Is this what women have to settle for [not being claimed] in return for companionship and affection? Is this the standard of women? Is it the standard of men? Do men not care for titles? Is this acceptable? And most importantly…Why?  


Why does this continue to be the relationship practice for our generation?



Am I being overreactive? I need some answers, thoughts, and opinions... 

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