Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on CBS’s 'Face the Nation' addressing President Obama’s advocacy of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and his problems with it. Here is the clip:



What I am having trouble understanding is, how is the Black Lives Matter movement being misconceived as anything other than awareness? The message is crystal clear for the movement. Is it not obvious that Black lives have been blatantly disregarded for centuries with zero consequence? It is not tragic enough that we must be REMINDED that Black people are humans deserving of life, liberty, and most importantly justice through worldwide movements, we must also explain why? Must we JUSTIFY defending and protecting our right to life!? Absolutely not. Black Lives Matter needs no explanation.


Black Lives Matter forces you to acknowledge the problem that has gone ignored for centuries; the black life is not valued. The black life in America is not a priority. The reason black people have to protest, demand, march and riot is to even be considered in the same respect as our white counterparts, thus the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement simply means that we [black people] refuse to be demoralized. We refuse to be dehumanized. We refuse to be ignored and we will come together as one. It is only when our numbers are united, that our voices will be heard.


If you choose to reduce the movement by saying that Black Lives Matter calls for the killing of cops, then you are a huge part of the problem. To ignore the clear purpose of the movement subliminally says that you too, do not care for black lives. By saying that all lives matter, you too do not care for black lives. By saying that the movement is uncalled for and unjust, you too DO NOT CARE FOR BLACK LIVES.


The social climate of America in 2015 should make you uncomfortable. The fact that black children are being murdered just because it’s Monday should make you uncomfortable. The fact that this movement was inevitable given the manner in which black people are being treated should make you uncomfortable. But the Black Lives Matter movement itself should not make you uncomfortable.



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