This weekend a journalist and Bennett College alumna, Aziza Jackson, was quickly reminded of one essential rule: do not come for Spelman. An article circulated social media highlighting the “issues” that she has experienced in relation to Morehouse College and its lack of upholding the traditions of welcoming their sister school, Bennett College, to be a part of Morehouse’s homecoming festivities. Sister school is used frequently and loosely throughout the article. According to Jackson, Bennett is the original and historic sister school to Morehouse, but it is commonly known that Spelman College is the sister school to Morehouse College (SpelHouse). As the article so kindly pointed out, Bennett College was indeed “quietly replaced” by the #1 ranked HBCU in this country for black women a.k.a Spelman College however, it was her strategically placed comment referring to Spelman College as the “low- hanging fruit located right across the street” that had all the Jaguars and Tigers looking like:



It’s safe to say that the rest of the article became null and void after that comment was made. Twitter exploded: a coalition of people who love Spelman (alumnae, friends, supporters, and Morehouse Men) began to go in, meme’s were created, and an impromptu cyber defense erupted. Responses went viral. With all of the backlash that this journalist was receiving for her article even she questioned

Why is the Spelman clapback game so strong?


It wasn’t even directed at Spelman. I didn’t come for them. I did not mention Spelman College in my article at all, why are they so offended by this article? I just wanted to start up a conversation.


Well Aziza, a conversation isn’t the only thing that you started. We all know the proximity between Morehouse and Spelman, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that by “right across the street” you are obviously referring to Spelman College. And the question really should be why!?




By taking shots at Spelman, in that disgusting way, and calling us “low- hanging fruit” the article, in all honesty, comes across as the verse of a bitter scorned lover. Why did you have to bring Spelman into the middle of your “beef” with Morehouse? If you have a problem with the relationship between Morehouse and Bennett, keep it between Morehouse and Bennett. We didn’t contribute to them not wanting a relationship with you. We didn’t mean to replace you as their sister school (I mean why have a sister school located hours away, when one of the top schools in the country is… right across the street?).


Spelman College is the premier institution in this country for black women year after year, yet we constantly have to defend our school. Someone is always coming for Spelman, when we clearly didn’t send for you. Our clapback game is strong and like us, always ready to be utilized in instances in which we are insulted and belittled. We have to defend our institution’s reputation, we have to defend the authenticity of our academic recognition, and we have to defend our choice to attend an HBCU, more specifically, an all-women’s HBCU to not only our white counterparts, but to other black people as well. As an alumna of Bennett College, I would assume you know that struggle Aziza. However, by referring to our school in the manner that you did, you sadly propelled more disrespect towards our institution. I sincerely hope that isn’t the sentiment of all “Belles” and I refuse to believe it is.


As HBCU graduates, all with the aim to educate, inspire, and succeed, we belong to an exclusive club of sorts. We are the history makers and the game changers. Instead of unifying and celebrating the fact that a predominantly black female institution continuously remains at the top, you are throwing shade simply because you didn’t have fun at a homecoming…?


Only low-hanging fruit would throw that type of mud at women who continue to succeed in their efforts to change the world.

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