Just when I thought I was emotionally stable again… Here comes Adele saying ‘HELLO'.


After listening to Adele’s album '25' nonstop for the past 4 days I can finally give my opinion.  

As we know, it’s been 4 years since Adele’s last album 21 dropped. Once I got word of her latest album and heard her first single Hello, I was sold! I had to preorder 25 on iTunes. Don't all gasp at once; I actually buy the music of artists that I support. Not going to lie, this is a recent habit that I've developed, but it felt insincere calling myself a fan of an artist, but never actually supporting them or buying their music.

This album definitely lived up to what I expected from Adele given her 4 year absence.


25 has her signature style love ballads that make you yearn for your imagined [in my case] unrequited love (her music is that just that encapsulating). From her vocals, to the composition and the instrumentals, this album has enough ingredients of to make this her best piece of work.


My perspective of this album is that she is telling a love story in a unique way; from when the love ends and what follows the breakup. The album essentially loops itself in the way that the first song on the album is ‘Hello’; which explains the after effect once the love has subsided, yet the last song on the album is ‘Sweetest Devotion’; which is the ultimate realization.


The album starts with her apologizing for the way it ended with 'Hello' but the album then shows the phases of the breakup with the track ‘I Miss You’ and then ultimately leads to her choosing leave in the track ‘Love in the Dark’.


All in all, 25 gets 5 stars from me. Thank you Adele.


My favorite tracks on 25 are:

1. Hello

2. All I ask

3. Remedy

4. Love in the Dark

5. Sweetest Devotion

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