A couple weeks ago, I installed my new TV in my bedroom, which basically upgraded my whole viewing experience! I was inspired to finally begin to attempt to make it through my extensive Netflix watch list. I currently have 115 items (I sensed the judgment). But in my defense, I’ve been adding shows, movies, and documentaries ever since I created an account 3 years ago so that’s not so bad…right?


The problem is I just haven’t followed through on watching everything that I add to my watch list. I found myself monotonously re watching some shows (Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Criminal Minds) without making any progress in my list. As time has gone on, just as I decided which new item that I would finally watch, it got deleted :-(.


I've been having my version of Netflix and Chill sessions with my best friends (wine and pizza) and made it through a couple of items on my list. I am now committing to watching the items on my watch list before anymore of them get deleted. As I make my way through my list, I will be writing reviews and suggestions about the note worthy ones. This will be my first installment.



In order of my top recommended items:



#1. Beasts of No Nation

In this Netflix original movie, we see the innocence of a child being quickly taken as he is forced into the lifestyle of a guerilla soldier after he is left abandoned. This movie is heart wrenching and intense, but definitely a must see!


#2. Making A Murderer

 Apparently this documentary circulated all over social media upon it's release on Netflix on December 18. I just so happened to come across it while browsing in the newly released collection on Netflix and the summary peaked my interest. I watched the first episode over the holiday break, and was immediately hooked. I binge watched the full season in 2 days (now y'all know I am a professional binge watcher). Without giving away too many details, I will just say that Making a Murderer is most definitely a moving and emotionally eliciting documentary while simultaneously questioning the criminal justice system. 


#3. Middle of Nowhere  

Now I can't lie, I was originally soley interested in this movie solely because of Omari Hardwick (do I even have to explain) but when I saw that this was an Ava DuVerny project, I had another reason to watch. Ava DuVernay is one of my favorite newly discovered writers/directors. What intrigued me about this movie and ultimately made me suggest it are the subtle and soft elements that Ava uses. The movie is not overly sophisticated and extra.. It is very simplistic in storyline and cinematography. The concept of the movie relates to the concept of women being "ride or die" for their men, during their trials however do the men reciprocate the notion. 


#4. Blackfish 

 Animal rights activism isn’t anything that I've ever explored or been slightly interested in (honestly I am not too fond of animals) but after watching this documentary I have a whole new perspective on the mistreatment of the whales at Sea World. Sea World is a place that I visited many times as a child. The whale show in particular was my favorite memory during all of my trips to Sea World, but it’s tragic how we as viewers and consumers do not know what goes on behind closed doors. We see the tricks and the show, but there is much more to how Sea World operates as highlighted in this documentary. I would suggest Blackfish to anyone who loves or once loved Sea World to get another perspective on the reality of what happens before and after we see the show.



If you have any suggestions or any comments on the above items let me know!




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